100% Cotton Flame Retardant Coverall FR-C006

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● Fabric: Flame resistant fabric 100% cotton 310gsm
● Front snaps with cover fly
● 2 chest pockets with flaps and velcros
● 2 side pockets
● 1 back pocket with flap and velcro
● Elastic band at back waist
● 1 tool pocket
● Any size and color available
● Fabric: FR treated cotton 7oz
● Flame-resistant for hazardous work environments

EN14116; EN11611; EN11612; ASTM F1506; NFPA 2112

  • Item No.: FR-C006
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    Discover our Flame-Retardant Coverall, crafted with 100% cotton flame-resistant fabric weighing 310 grams per square meter. This coverall is designed to provide optimal safety and functionality, featuring a front button closure with a flap, two chest pockets with protective flaps and hook-and-loop closures, two side pockets, one rear pocket with a flap and hook-and-loop closure, an elastic waistband, and a convenient tool pocket. Available in various sizes and colors, this product offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking reliable flame-resistant clothing.
    Experience the perfect blend of protection and comfort with our premium Flame-Retardant Coverall. Made with 100% cotton flame-resistant fabric and equipped with practical features, this coverall ensures your safety in high-risk environments while ensuring optimal comfort.


    1.Superior Flame-Retardant Fabric: Crafted with 100% cotton fabric specifically treated with flame-retardant technology, this coverall offers reliable protection against heat and flames, adhering to industry safety standards.
    2.Functional Design: The front button closure with a flap provides a secure fit while ensuring easy donning and doffing. Two chest pockets with protective flaps and hook-and-loop closures allow secure storage of essential items. Two side pockets offer convenient access to small tools or personal belongings, while the rear pocket with a flap and hook-and-loop closure ensures additional storage.
    3.Comfortable and Adjustable Fit: The elastic waistband provides a flexible and adjustable fit for enhanced comfort throughout your workday. The coverall's design allows for ease of movement, improving productivity and reducing fatigue.
    4.Tool Pocket: The dedicated tool pocket provides a convenient solution for carrying essential tools, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.
    5.Customization Options: Available in multiple sizes and colors, our Flame-Retardant Coverall allows you to choose the perfect fit and style that suits your personal preferences and workplace requirements.
    6.Durability: Crafted with high-quality materials and reinforced stitching, this coverall is built to withstand demanding work environments, ensuring its long-lasting performance and durability.


    1.Industrial and Manufacturing: Ideal for workers in industries dealing with flammable materials, such as welding, oil and gas, chemical, and manufacturing.
    2.Construction: Essential for construction workers exposed to potential fire hazards, providing reliable protection and peace of mind.
    3.Emergency Services: A must-have for firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency responders, offering essential protection against flames and heat.
    4.Electricians: Ensures safety for electricians dealing with electrical circuits, providing protection from potential arc flashes and sparks.
    5.Maintenance and Repair: Perfect for maintenance technicians and repairmen working in environments with fire risks, combining safety and durability.
    6.Welding Operations: Essential for welders who regularly face high heat and sparks, delivering reliable protection against potential burns and injuries.

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