flame-resistant cotton sleeves FR-H010

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•19″ 9 oz. flame-resistant cotton sleeves
•Wide upper arm elastic and elastic wrist cuff
•Reinforcement layer for durability
•Black with royal blue


  • Item No.: FR-H010
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    For anyone working in potentially dangerous areas, these sleeves come with a number of characteristics that make them essential. These sleeves provide adequate coverage while ensuring flexibility and ease of movement. They are 9 ounces in weight and 19 inches long. A secure fit is provided by the loose-fitting upper arm and wrist with elastic bands, which reduces the possibility of slippage while being used. A second layer of reinforcement is added to each sleeve, improving durability and extending product lifespan. The sleeves are a fashionable black color with royal blue highlights, giving your business dress a dash of style.

    Product Highlights

    19-inch Length and 9-ounce Weight: These sleeves offer extensive coverage and are lightweight, allowing for ease of movement and comfort during use.
    Loose-Fitting Upper Arm and Wrist with Elastic Bands: The sleeves feature a relaxed fit with adjustable elastic bands at the upper arm and wrist, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for different body sizes.
    Reinforced Layer for Durability: Each sleeve is reinforced with an extra layer to provide added strength and durability, making them long-lasting and reliable.
    Stylish Black with Royal Blue Accents: The sleeves are designed in a sleek black color with royal blue accents, making them visually appealing and suitable for various work environments.

    Product Applications

    1.When welding and dealing with metal, make sure to shield your arms from sparks, heat, and flying metal shavings.
    2. Glassblowing and pottery: When working with glass or creating pottery, shield your arms from the scalding heat of a furnace.
    3.Be careful when cooking and grilling to prevent unintentional burns and splatters on your arms.
    4. Industrial Work: Perfect for a range of jobs in the manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas industries where there are fire threats.

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