Flame Retardant High Quality Custom Full Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt FR-H010

Short Description:

· Full-zip style hooded sweatshirt.
· Big front pockets and hood with drawstring closure.
· Heavyweight and durable fleece made with flame-resistant 100% cotton.
· Ribbed cuffs and flexible waistband keep their shape.
· Sewn with aramid thread.
· FR front zipper
· Contrast coverstitch
Arc Rate 2, ATPV 22cal/cm², NFPA 70E, NFPA2112

Sizing: S-5XL

Color: Navy, Black
Certificates: NFPA 70E, UL

  • Item No.: FR-H010
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    Product Description

    A high-quality custom-made garment designed for your safety and comfort. This jacket combines style and functionality with its full zip and hood design. It features a large front pocket and a drawstring closure for the hood, allowing you to carry your essentials securely. Made from 100% flame-retardant cotton, this jacket is thick, durable, and provides reliable protection. The ribbed cuffs and elastic waistband help maintain the jacket's shape, while the use of aromatic polyamide thread ensures its long-lasting performance. The contrasting color stitching and the flame-retardant front zipper add a stylish touch to this exceptional jacket.

    Product Highlights

    ● Full Zipper Hooded Design: Our jacket features a full zipper and a practical hood for added convenience and protection.
    ● Large Front Pocket: The jacket comes with a spacious front pocket, offering ample storage space for your belongings.
    ● Drawstring Hood Closure: The hood is secured with a drawstring closure, allowing you to adjust it for a snug fit and added protection.
    ● Thick and Durable Flame-Retardant Cotton: Crafted from 100% flame-retardant cotton, this jacket provides reliable fire protection without compromising on durability and comfort.
    ● Ribbed Cuffs and Elastic Waistband: The ribbed cuffs and elastic waistband help maintain the shape of the jacket and provide a comfortable fit.
    ● Aromatic Polyamide Thread: The jacket is sewn using aromatic polyamide thread, ensuring its durability and long-lasting performance.
    ● Flame-Retardant Front Zipper: The jacket's front zipper is flame-retardant, providing an extra layer of safety.
    ● Contrasting Color Stitching: The jacket features contrast color stitching, adding a stylish and trendy element to its design.

    Product Applications

    1.Outdoor Activities: Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, this jacket provides both style and protection against fire hazards, making it suitable for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.
    2.Industrial Workwear: Designed with safety in mind, our jacket is ideal for individuals working in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and welding, where fire risks are high.
    3.Sports and Fitness: Whether you're engaged in motorsports, racing, or other sports activities, this jacket offers reliable fire protection without compromising performance and style.
    4.DIY and Home Improvement: For DIY enthusiasts or individuals working on home improvement projects, our jacket ensures safety and comfort while working around potential fire hazards.

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