Flame Retardant HOOD FR-H013

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Description: Flame-resistant cotton
Single layer
Ergonomic contoured fit
Circular neck drape
Standard: NFPA 70E compliant

  • Item No.: FR-H013
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    Product Description

    A must-have for individuals seeking superior protection in potentially hazardous environments. Our hood is made from high-quality flame-retardant cotton and features ergonomic design elements that prioritize both safety and comfort.

    Product Highlights

    Flame-Retardant Cotton: Our hood is constructed using fire-resistant cotton fabric, providing reliable protection against flames and heat.
    Ergonomic and Close-Fitting Design: The hood's tailored cut conforms to the contours of the head, ensuring a snug and secure fit during wear.
    Circular Neck Drape: To provide added protection, the hood features a round-shaped neck drape that covers the vulnerable neck area, minimizing the risk of burns.
    NFPA 70E Compliant: Our hood meets the safety standards set by NFPA 70E, guaranteeing its effectiveness in protecting against electrical hazards.

    Product Advantages

    Superior Flame Resistance: The flame-retardant cotton material offers excellent resistance to flames, providing maximum protection in dangerous environments.
    Enhanced Comfort: The close-fitting design and flexibility of the fabric allow for unrestricted movement and a comfortable fit, even during long working hours.
    Neck Protection: The circular neck drape adds an extra layer of safety by covering the neck area, reducing the risk of burns and other injuries.
    Compliance with NFPA 70E Standard: Our hood meets the comprehensive safety guidelines set by NFPA 70E, ensuring its suitability for a variety of hazardous work environments.

    Product Applications

    1.Electrical Work: Ideal for electricians and other professionals working around live electrical equipment, ensuring protection from arc flashes and other electrical hazards.
    2.Oil and Gas Industry: Suitable for workers in the oil and gas industry, providing reliable flame resistance when dealing with flammable materials and equipment.
    3.Welding and Metalworking: Offers effective protection against sparks, splatters, and radiant heat for individuals involved in welding and metalworking tasks.
    4.Industrial Settings: Perfect for various industrial applications where fire hazards are present, such as manufacturing, construction, and maintenance work.

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