Flame Retardant Knee Reinforced Structure Design Safety Working Pants FR-P014

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99% cotton 1% carbon fiber 330gsm

Material: Flame retardant 99% cotton 1% carbon fiber 330gsm
2 flapped back pockets below waist
2 back pockets with flap and velcro fastener
1 ruler pocket with flap and velcro fastener
Knee pad pockets with bartacks at the bottom
Front fly with zip and button
Hem width-adjustable with Velcro
FR-Reflective-tape, 50 mm
Metal free vesion is available
Standard: EN20471 EN1149 EN11611 EN11612 IEC61482
Application: Oil&Gas, Welding industry, Electric power industry, Construction, Road,Minning industry, Railway, etc.

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    Our Flame-Resistant High-Visibility Yellow Work Pants are designed for professionals seeking optimal safety and visibility. With their flame-resistant fabric and bright yellow color, these pants are a reliable choice for workers in industries such as oil and gas, welding, construction, highway maintenance, metal refining, railway maintenance, mining, and more. The pants come with two rear pockets, both equipped with flap and hook-and-loop closures, providing secure storage space.
    There is also a utility pocket with a flap and hook-and-loop closure, specifically designed to hold useful tools. The knee pocket ensures additional protection and can be secured at the bottom with a snap button. The front closure features both a zip and button closure for added safety. The pants' leg width can be adjusted using nylon buckles. Additionally, they are equipped with 50mm flame-resistant reflective tape, enhancing visibility even in low-light conditions.


    1.Flame-Resistant Protection: Our Flame-Resistant High-Visibility Yellow Work Pants are constructed from flame-resistant fabric, providing reliable protection against flames and sparks. This feature reduces the risk of injuries in hazardous work environments.
    2.Enhanced Visibility: The bright yellow color of these pants, along with the 50mm flame-resistant reflective tape, increases visibility, ensuring the safety of workers in low-light conditions or areas with reduced visibility.
    3.Practical Design: With two rear pockets, a utility pocket, and a knee pocket, these pants offer ample storage space for tools and personal items. The flap and hook-and-loop closures provide added security for stored objects.
    4.Adjustable Leg Width: The leg width can be adjusted using the nylon buckles, allowing for a customizable fit and ensuring comfort during various activities.
    5.Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our work pants are built to withstand the rigors of demanding work environments. The reinforced stitching and secure closures contribute to their durability and longevity.


    1.Oil and Gas Industry: Our Flame-Resistant High-Visibility Yellow Work Pants are designed to meet the stringent safety requirements of workers in the oil and gas industry. The flame-resistant fabric offers protection against potential fire hazards in this high-risk environment.
    2.Welding Industry: Welding professionals can rely on our work pants to provide the necessary protection against sparks and flames, ensuring utmost safety during their demanding work.
    3.Power Industry: Workers in the power industry can benefit from the flame-resistant properties and high-visibility yellow color of these pants, as they ensure safety and enhance visibility in electrical and utility settings.
    4.Construction industry: Construction sites often involve numerous hazards. Our work pants offer protection against flames and provide increased visibility, making them an ideal choice for professionals in the construction industry.
    5.Highway Maintenance: Workers responsible for maintaining highways and roadways require high-visibility clothing to ensure their safety. Our yellow work pants with flame-resistant reflective tape fulfill this requirement perfectly.

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