The FR Coverall, also referred to as Flame Retardant Coverall, Flame Resistant Coveralls, or Fire Resistant Coveralls, is a revolutionary garment designed to ensure ultimate protection in high-risk work environments. These coveralls are equipped with advanced flame retardant technology, making them an essential item for individuals working around potential fire hazards.

The primary feature of the Flame Resistant Coveralls is its exceptional flame resistance, which exceeds industry standards. It is constructed using special fabrics and materials that undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand exposure to flames and extreme temperatures. This ensures that the wearer is shielded from burns and other fire-related injuries.

In addition to its flame retardant properties, the Fire Resistant Coveralls is designed to offer excellent all-around protection. It provides coverage and durability, ensuring that the wearer's entire body is shielded from potential hazards. The coveralls are reinforced at stress points and feature multiple pockets for convenient storage of tools and personal belongings, further enhancing their utility.