Hi Vis Flame Retardant Hooded Pullover SWEATSHIRT FR-H001

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Fabric: Permanent flame resistant 320gsm
60% modacrylic, 38% cotton, 2%anti-static
Knit henley collar
Three FR buttons placket
Any size and color available

  • Item No.: FR-H001
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    Introducing our High-Vis Flame-Retardant Hooded Sweatshirt, a premium athletic apparel designed with your safety in mind. This sweatshirt features a permanent flame-retardant fabric that weighs 320g, comprising 60% modacrylic, 38% cotton, and 2% anti-static material. With its knitted collar and three FR buttons on the placket, this sweatshirt guarantees both style and safety.

    Product Advantages

    ● Enhanced Safety and Fire Protection: Our flame-retardant sweatshirt offers excellent protection against flames and sparks, greatly reducing the risk of serious injuries.
    ● High Visibility: The vibrant colors and high-visibility design of the sweatshirt ensure that you remain visible even in dimly lit environments, improving overall safety.
    ● Comfort and Flexibility: Made from high-quality materials, our sweatshirt provides exceptional comfort and unrestricted movement, allowing you to focus on your tasks without feeling constrained.
    ● Durability and Longevity: Built to last, our sweatshirt delivers exceptional durability, ensuring that it will withstand the demands of your work environment.
    ● Easy Maintenance: The fabric is easy to clean, maintaining its flame-retardant properties without compromising the color or functionality of the sweatshirt.
    ● Customizable Options: With a wide range of sizes and colors available, our sweatshirt can be tailored to your personal preferences, ensuring the perfect fit and allowing for team or company branding.

    Product Applications

    1.Industrial Workwear: This flame-retardant sweatshirt is an ideal choice for workers in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and automotive, where there is a risk of exposure to flames or sparks.
    2.Utility services: Whether you work in the electrical, gas, or telecommunications industry, this sweatshirt provides the necessary protection against potential hazards posed by arcs or flames.
    3.Sports and Recreation: Perfect for outdoor activities, our sweatshirt ensures that you remain visible even in low-light conditions, making it suitable for jogging, cycling, or hiking.
    4.Emergency Services: Firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency responders can rely on the flame-retardant properties of this sweatshirt for their utmost protection.

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