Hi-Vis Two Tone Flame Restartant Softshell Jacket FR-J007

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Features of the Hivis FR Softshell Jacket:
Material: 100% polyester softshell with FR treatment + FR film + inherent FR fleece
Concealed front zipper and flap and Velcro fasteners
Right chest pocket with flap and Velcro closure
Left chest pocket with zipper closure
2 side pockets
Width-adjustable cuffs with Velcro fastener
Detachable and size-adjustable hood with spring fastener
Segmented heat reflective tapes,50mm
EN11612, EN20471, EN11611, EN1149, IEC61482, EN13034

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    Softshell is a highly breathable, flame-retardant jacket designed for fast and light exercise. This FR soft shell fabric is made of our revolutionary new fabric, three-layer laminate material, and combines proprietary FR technology and unique knitted structure. It is a cutting-edge garment that provides excellent comfort in a streamlined packaging , Durability and performance. The proprietary softshell surface has an extremely smooth feel, which increases its comfort and achieves quiet operation. This FR soft shell provides three-season functions and is a stable foundation for your cold weather system.
    Our High-Visibility Dual Color Flame-Resistant Softshell Jacket is the perfect combination of style and safety. With its hidden front zipper, protective closures, and various pockets, this jacket ensures both functionality and convenience. The adjustable cuffs, detachable and adjustable hood, and heat-reflective tape enhance comfort and safety. Whether for work or outdoor activities, our jacket provides the ultimate protection in a fashionable design.


    1.Flame-Resistant Protection: Our High-Visibility Dual Color Flame-Resistant Softshell Jacket is constructed with flame-resistant materials, minimizing the risk of harm in hazardous environments.
    2.Functional Pocket Design: Featuring a right chest pocket with a flap and nylon closure, a left chest pocket with a zipper closure, and two side pockets, this jacket offers ample storage options for essential items and tools.
    3.Hidden Front Zipper and Protective Closures: The front zipper is hidden behind a protective flap, providing additional shielding against wind and flames. The nylon closures further enhance the jacket's ability to safeguard against external elements.
    4.Adjustable Cuffs with Hook-and-Loop Fasteners: The cuffs of this jacket can be easily adjusted to achieve a comfortable fit using the hook-and-loop fasteners, preventing cold air from entering and ensuring optimal insulation.
    5.Detachable and Adjustable Hood: The hood is detachable and can be adjusted to suit individual preferences and weather conditions, allowing for maximum versatility.
    6.Segmented 50mm Heat-Reflective Tape: The jacket is equipped with segmented 50mm heat-reflective tape, enhancing visibility and ensuring the wearer stands out even in low-light or low-visibility environments.


    1.Construction Industry: This jacket is ideal for workers in the construction industry, offering protection against potential fire hazards while ensuring high visibility on-site.
    2.Industrial Maintenance: Industrial maintenance workers require protective clothing that can withstand various risks. Our flame-resistant softshell jacket provides both durability and safety.
    3.Outdoor Recreational Activities: Outdoor enthusiasts engaging in activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing can benefit from the exceptional protection and style of our jacket.
    4.Power Generation Industry: Workers in the power generation industry face potential fire hazards. Our flame-resistant jacket offers the necessary protection without compromising comfort.
    5.Transportation and Logistics: Professionals in the transportation and logistics sectors require high-visibility clothing to ensure safety. Our jacket combines visibility and fire safety features.

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