NFPA2112 HRC2 Flame Retardant Coverall FR-C001

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- Lightweight and elastic for more comfortable but durable
- Front closure with concealed metal snaps
- Two chest pockets with protective flap
- Pencil pocket on left arm
- Ruler pocket on left leg
- 2 side leg pockets
- 2 pass-through pockets
- Adjustable cuff with snaps
- Elastic at both sides of waist
-Triple-needle stitching on seams
- Optimum air circulation thanks to the vents on back

NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506, NFPA 2112
Color: Gery, Navy

  • Item No.: FR-C001
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    ● Fabric: FR treated 99%cotton 1%spandex 7oz
    ● Flame-resistant for hazardous work environments
    ● Our Flame-Retardant Coverall is designed to provide the perfect balance between comfort and durability. Made with lightweight and elastic materials, this coverall ensures a comfortable fit without compromising on its protective properties. With features such as concealed metal snaps, multiple pockets, adjustable cuffs, and optimum air circulation, this coverall is ideal for a range of applications.
    ● Step into safety with our Flame-Retardant Coverall. Combining lightweight and elastic materials, this coverall offers unmatched comfort and durability. With its concealed metal snaps, multiple pockets, adjustable cuffs, and optimum air circulation, it ensures maximum protection while keeping you comfortable throughout the day.


    1.Lightweight and Elastic: Our coverall is made with lightweight and elastic materials, allowing for ease of movement and maximum comfort. Say goodbye to heavy, restrictive clothing and experience freedom while working.
    2.Front Closure with Concealed Metal Snaps: The concealed metal snaps on the front closure offer a secure and neat finish while ensuring swift and easy dressing and undressing.
    3.Protective Flap Chest Pockets: The two chest pockets with protective flaps keep your essentials secure and shielded from external elements.
    4.Convenient Pencil and Ruler Pockets: With a dedicated pencil pocket on the left arm and a ruler pocket on the left leg, you'll have easy access to necessary tools.
    5.Multiple Storage Options: Our coverall is equipped with two side leg pockets and two pass-through pockets, providing ample space to store additional tools and personal items.
    6.Adjustable Cuffs with Snaps: The cuffs feature adjustable snaps, allowing for a secure and customizable fit to prevent intrusion of cold air and dust.
    7.Elastic Waist: Elastic at both sides of the waist ensures a comfortable and snug fit for various body types while providing flexibility and ease of movement.
    8.Triple-Needle Stitching on Seams: The use of triple-needle stitching on all seams ensures durability and longevity, making our coverall a reliable choice for long-term use.
    9.Optimum Air Circulation: The vents on the back of the coverall promote air circulation, preventing overheating and discomfort, especially during physically demanding work.


    1.Industrial Workplaces: Whether in manufacturing, construction, or oil and gas industries, our flame-retardant coverall is a must-have protective gear for workers exposed to fire hazards.
    2.Maintenance and Repair: Maintenance and repair work can involve potential fire risks. Our coverall provides reliable protection in situations where safety is crucial.
    3.Emergency Responders: Firefighters, paramedics, and other emergency responders require flame-resistant clothing to safeguard against flames and heat. Our coverall offers the necessary protection during critical operations.
    4.Electricians: Electricians face the risk of electrical arcs and sparks. The flame-retardant properties of our coverall provide an added layer of protection in such environments.
    5.Welding Operations: Welders deal with high temperatures and sparks regularly. Our coverall is designed to withstand the intense conditions of welding, ensuring utmost safety for welders.

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