Reflective High Visibility Multi-Pockets Flame Retardant Rain Proof Work Trousers FR-P013

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• Side-adjustable waistband with elastic ribbon on both sides
• Front fly with FR resin zipper closure
• 2 back pockets and left leg pocket with flap and Velcro fastener
• Left leg pocket with one tool pocket
• Size-adjustable hem with Velcro fastener
• FR heat press reflective tape, 50mm
Fabric: 3 layers bonding fabric
300D fabric for Hivis orange ± 340 g/m2
Standards: EN343; EN20471; EN11611; EN11612; EN1149; IEC61482; EN13034
Color option: Hivis Yellow+ Navy
Hivis Orange+Navy
MOQ: 1000pcs/style

  • Item No.: FR-P013
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    The FR Rain001 series work suits are safe and visible. Bring on the rain, bring on the wind, bring on ocean or lake spray, bring it all on the environment with flame spark risks, this flame retardant pants features Ripstop polyester fabric with a storm defender waterproof breathable membrane.
    Introducing our Reflective High-Performance Flame-Resistant Work Pants, the ultimate solution for both safety and functionality. These pants have been designed with the needs of professionals in mind, offering a range of features that ensure maximum comfort, protection, and versatility. From adjustable waistbands to flame-resistant zippers and multiple pockets, these pants are suitable for various applications. Discover the short description, applications, advantages, and key features of our product below.
    Our Reflective High-Performance Flame-Resistant Work Pants feature adjustable side waistbands with elastic bands for a customized fit. The front closure is equipped with flame-resistant resin zippers, adding an extra layer of protection. With two back pockets, a left leg pocket with a flap and hook-and-loop fastening, and an additional tool pouch on the left leg, these pants offer ample storage space. The adjustable hem with nylon buckles ensures a secure fit. Plus, the 50mm FR heat-pressed reflective tape enhances visibility in low-light conditions.


    1.Flame-Resistant Protection: Our Reflective High-Performance Flame-Resistant Work Pants have been rigorously tested to meet industry safety standards. The flame-resistant fabric provides reliable protection against flames and sparks, reducing the risk of injury in hazardous environments.
    2.Enhanced Visibility: With the 50mm FR heat-pressed reflective tape, these pants ensure visibility in low-light conditions, adding an extra layer of safety during nighttime work or in areas with reduced visibility.
    3.Functional Design: The adjustable side waistbands with elastic bands allow for a customized fit, ensuring comfort and flexibility during strenuous activities. The multiple pockets, including the left leg pocket with a tool pouch, provide convenient storage space for essential tools and personal belongings.
    4.Durability and Reliability: Crafted from high-quality materials, our work pants are designed to withstand demanding work environments. The flame-resistant resin zippers, hook-and-loop fastenings, and nylon buckles ensure long-lasting durability and functionality.
    5.Versatility: Our pants are suitable for a wide range of professions and applications, making them a versatile choice for diverse work environments. They combine safety, comfort, and practicality to meet the unique needs of professionals in various industries.

    Key Features

    1.Adjustable Side Waistbands: The pants feature adjustable side waistbands with elastic bands, allowing for a customized and comfortable fit.
    2.Flame-Resistant Front Closure: The front closure is designed with flame-resistant resin zippers, providing optimal protection and ease of use.
    3.Multiple Pockets: The pants are equipped with two back pockets and a left leg pocket with a flap and hook-and-loop fastening. Additionally, the left leg pocket includes a tool pouch for convenient storage.
    4.Adjustable Hem: The hem of the pants is adjustable with nylon buckles, ensuring a secure fit and added convenience.
    5.50mm FR Heat-Pressed Reflective Tape: The pants include 50mm FR heat-pressed reflective tape, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions and increasing safety.


    1.Industrial Work: Whether you're involved in construction, welding, maintenance, or any other high-risk industrial work, our Flame-Resistant Work Pants provide essential protection against fire hazards. The flame-resistant fabric and functional design make them a reliable choice.
    2.Outdoor Activities: For those engaging in outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, or working in wilderness areas, these pants offer excellent resistance to rain and ensure visibility in various weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor professionals.
    3.Workshops and DIY Projects: Carpenters, mechanics, and individuals engaged in workshops or DIY projects will benefit from the versatile design and protective features of our work pants, enabling them to work confidently and safely.

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